Friday, July 22, 2005

Looking at Dresses

Brittney, my beautiful niece and maid of honor, met me at the mall last Sunday to look at bridesmaid dresses.

The scoop . . . Johnny and I drove to the mall and I met Brittney in the dress department of Dillards. Johnny headed for Borders (more accurately, the book magnet in him was drawn to Borders. If he had struggled, which he did not, it would have been to no avail).

At Dillards, we found some beautiful dresses, and the gorgeous girl--no, young woman!!--fit into one of the very small sizes perfectly. I tried one on, too. It was fun trying on dresses with her. Precious aunt and niece time. Amy, my dear friend of nearly 20 years and other bridesmaid is gonna go to the mall and try one on when she has a chance.

After the dresses and on the way to hook up with Johnny, Brit and I talked about shoes for the wedding and stopped in a shoe store to peruse. Then we met up with Johnny in the local section of Borders, looking at bike maps of Denver and the surrounding area. Then we were off to one of our favorite restaurants, Tokyo Joe's. Over healthy Japanese food, Brit gave us all the details of the cruise she, her dad and brother had taken in June. Sounded like a blast. We had a lot of fun talking with her. She goes to college in less than a month!!!!!!!!!!!! I still think of her as my little baby niece. Gonna have to start sniff letting--her--grow--up.


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