Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Last Two Months

I am again way overdue on a post. This one is full of news. Big news. We changed the wedding date to October 15th. Yep. Moved it up a week. Worked better for some things to reschedule. We had to check first with the church, priest, our parents, and it all worked out. The only thing it did not work for was the reception hall and we had not yet signed the contract. And that has turned out to be a blessing. We have chosen to have our reception at the Hotel DTC instead. They have been so helpful and kind.

I had my first dress fitting last Saturday. Through a friend I found a seamstress who I really like and she took a lot of time with me and showed me 3 or 4 bustles so I could pick the one I liked the best. She was patient and didn't rush me. My dress should be done on September 10th.

Amy and Brittney's dresses are to arrive tomorrow - can't wait to see them. I think the only alteration will be to hem Brittney's dress but we'll know for sure when they try them on, of course.

We ordered the invitations Sunday night so we're expecting them sometime soon. I wish I had received the email that they had been sent because we were hoping that we would be addressing them this weekend.


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